our focuses


Cloud based software, IoT, Consumer applications, Blockchain and AI


02. Medical/Dental

Medical devices, dental innovative products, dental group practices


03. Social Impact 

Mission driven companies, impact investing and benefit corporation/non-profit

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startup operation support

the process


Comprehensive support you need to launch your new venture.


Our team has a reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective startup and business solutions for our clients.

Our experience and industry coverage include: real estate development, architectural design, aviation, trade show, co-working space, advertising agency, education facility, restaurant, retail, mobile application, enterprise software, hardware development, dental lab and office, medical clinic, financial services.  Every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. 

our services

Startup package

Working with our legal partners, we will help you setup the right legal structure based on your business and operating plan for the company, investment criteria and tax planning needs.


02. Funding & Capitalization

Aside from providing direct access to network of investors and VCs, we will shephard you through the process of allocating equity between co-founders, investors and design the right funding structure.  


03. Finance & Operations

When your business is looking for accounting help,  or need a financial model to raise money, our experienced CFO partner will  be there for you.  We also provide one-time service to "clean up" the books for tax purposes, venture capital due diligence preparation, and financial reporting.

04. Merges and Acquisitions

We have access to network of investors and corporate buyers internationally for your business.  We generally represent the Seller.